This is an 8 x 23 foot wall mural of a tropical rain forest made to go with the theme of the backyard. This mural was created on plain white sheet rock using acrylic paint and oil pastels for some of the highlights. This project took roughly 3 weeks to complete due to the detail involved.

About the artist.

My name is Roly Orihuela. I am a Miami based visual artist who specializes in original artwork on canvas of different styles and mediums as well as poster illustrations. All of my artwork is available for sale and can be printed on a variety of items (ex. traditional canvas, poster paper, greeting cards as well as phone cases. Get started by clicking on “order prints”. Most of my original paintings are made with acrylic paint on gallery style canvases. Most of my poster illustrations are made with markers but I definitely like to think outside the box when it comes to how the art arrives at it’s final stage. Follow my┬áblog as I take you behind the scenes of how the art is made and what I’ve learned along the way as well as a variety of product reviews and art topics that interest me.

Let’s connect!

Follow me on social media to see the art I’ve been working on. I usually post two to three times per week on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube and it all ends up right here on my official site. I currently have tons of stuff in the works ranging from custom tattoo designs, custom spray art as well as my signature series “Zeeko” canvases and illustrations. Stay tuned!

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